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about the artist

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Gubby Beck is a Yucca Valley based metal artist. Inspired by her South African heritage, Gubby started drawing animals and tribal patterns when she was only 4 years old. Throughout her life, her art evolved into more complex surreal illustrations reminiscent of Salvador Dali and 1920/30s cartoons such as Betty Boop. In college, she discovered her love of metals and welding. Her work ranges in size from large scale installations to home decor and miniatures. She welds and bends all her metal by hand without using any heat. Gubby’s sculptures vary from illustrative landscapes, to organic abstract forms, to whimsical surrealscapes.


about the work

All sculptures are mainly left as raw steel- overtime it will rust. 

If placed outdoors- pieces will rust quicker. Embrace the natural rust!

Or place indoors for a lasting raw steel- will slowly age with rust over decades.  

If you want to prevent rust all together - pieces can be sprayed with a clear coat. 

All jewelry and ornaments are powder coated,

which is durable and will also prevent rust.

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